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St Paul’s is situated in the centre of the village of Seaton, approximately one and a half miles north of Workington. It was built in 1882 and opened in July 1883 as a “Chapel of Ease” to St Peter’s, Camerton. It became a parish in its own right in July 1987.

The worship is a mixture of traditional and modern with a regular monthly family service, bi-monthly church parade and termly “School Sunday” with input from a year group from the Church junior school. We have a large mixed choir who can adapt themselves to anything and sing a mixture of modern and traditional religious and non-religious items and are much sought after for concerts.

St Paul's Church opened in 1883, was designed by George Watson of Keswick. There is a small North East tower, and a polygonal apse. There are three single stained glass windows in the apse, Christ with little children, Christ the Good Shepherd, and Peter healing the sick man. 

Situated inside of the Church on the west wall is a World War One a bronze plaque with an anchor and laurel wreath with swords at either side, surrounded with oak leaves and acorns. This plaque was unveiled in a ceremony on the 24th August 1924, attended by the Bishop of Carlisle. Located next to the World War One plaque is also a commemorative World War Two cast iron plaque. The plaques are in memory of those from the parish who gave their lives in the World Wars. 


St. Paul's Communion is held every Sunday at 9:30am.

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